What Patients Have To Say About Our Eye Surgeon, Dr. Boyd

Dr Boyd
Laser eye surgery is seen as such a straightforward procedure that people often forget that it is still a medical procedure. Just because you can pop into your local vision centre for the treatment and be back at work the very next day, that doesn’t mean that you should take the decision of where to get treated lightly.

When deciding where to have laser eye surgery, your choice should primarily be down to who will be treating you.

At BoydVision, every patient who comes in for their first, free, consultation, will meet with our actual surgeon, Dr. Boyd. Many other clinics won’t introduce patients to their surgeon, until the day of the procedure. Dr. Boyd likes to get to know his patients and their needs so that he can customize their procedure to them as an individual. As one of our previous customers, Rafael, puts it, laser eye surgery patients should feel as though they are a patient, not a sale.

“It has been 8 months since I had my PRK surgery and is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Dr.Boyd is extremely professional and it made me feel he was giving me his medical opinion with regards to my surgery rather than trying to finish a sale unlike other clinics I went to. I highly suggest you to make an appointment if you are thinking on getting eye surgery.”
Rafael E, Facebook, 5 stars

Dr. Boyd’s decades of experience at both BoydVision and Burnaby General Hospital has resulted in hundreds of happy patients.

“The Best Experience Possible.. If You need Your eyes worked on…… Dr. Boyd’s manner’s Perfect…. Easy to talk with, easier to understand and knows that some people are different and need Kid gloves.. Thank You for giving me back my eyesight….. What A Huge Difference”
Michael M, Facebook, 5 stars

In fact, the positive experience BoydVision patients have is thanks to Dr. Boyd’s whole team of staff.

“What a team! Bonnie was an awesome first contact, then Dr Boyd who was so wonderful, skillful and easy to talk to. Also, the young chap who did the eye testing Adam was lovely, and the Nurses so amazing. This was the best experience as a patient I have had in the 16 years living in Vancouver, super team, highly recommended I will be back for eye (2) ! Many thanks”
Deb K, Facebook, 5 stars

If you’d like to find out for yourself, how Dr. Boyd and the team can help you improve your vision, call 604.430.9560 today to book in a free laser eye surgery consultation.