Skip The Cataract Surgery Wait List

Did you know, on average, 50% of people in B.C. have had to wait over three months for their cataract surgery? Many are waiting almost a year. As of October 31, 2017, there are 22,674 people waiting to have cataract surgery performed under the provincial health plan in British Columbia alone.

We know that cataracts can severely impact a person’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks so waiting months for treatment is not always an option. That is why we offer cataract surgery at our private clinic. If you chose to have your cataract surgery done privately with BoydVision, you can cut that wait time down to less than a month. After the initial consultation, the cataract surgery is generally performed in just a few weeks.

The majority of people will experience cataracts to some extent at one point in their life. Cataract surgery is a standard procedure to treat cataract symptoms and restore vision. This is done with an artificial lens implant. Under the provincial health plan, premium lens implants are not covered but these can help bring many people’s vision up to a very high standard – often even better than it was before the cataracts.

Typically, despite a new lens being inserted during cataract surgery, patients still require reading glasses afterwards. When cataract surgery is performed privately at BoydVision, premium lenses, such as Symfony lens or the new trifocal lens, can be inserted to eliminate the need for reading glasses. Many people opt for this to effectively treat two problems, during one procedure. If you are making the decision to undergo private cataract surgery, it is worth considering all the vision correction options available to you.

Contact us or stop by our Burnaby laser eye surgery centre if you’d like to schedule in a free consultation to discuss private cataract surgery and to find out whether other vision correction procedures are suitable for you.