Risks and Success Rate Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery Has High Success Rates

Many people are unaware that laser eye surgery has been around for 30 years. While there have historically been complications arising from the procedure, new technologies, skilled surgeons, and better patient screening have allowed laser eye surgery to have one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any elective surgery. At BoydVision we treat an array of visual impairments with completely custom eye operations for improved success rates and increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Screening

During your free consultation, we will determine if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery or one of our other procedures. Your age, lifestyle, health, and visual stability are all factors that can affect your candidacy for an eye operation. We will perform a thorough exam which takes between 45 and 60 minutes and then make a recommendation for your best treatment option, even if it means turning you away. We want what is best for you!

New Technologies

We use wavefront-optimized topography-based treatment technology in our custom laser correction procedures. This is superior technology, enhancing the quality of your results and minimizing the potential for glare and night vision side effects. Our custom treatments are superior to conventional laser eye surgeries as we gather more information from pre-op testing, allowing increased laser precision.

Surgeon Skill

Dr. Boyd, our chief medical director, and staff surgeon has performed over 25,000 operations over his 30-year career. He has studied and learned from the leading ophthalmologists in England, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Canada. He shows his extensive experience through countless patient testimonials received through his years of service. He is also a part of your whole vision correction process. You will be able to meet with and ask him any questions you have before your procedure, and follow up with him afterward.

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Millions of people have had laser eye surgery performed in North America and serious complications are lower than 1%. Common side effects are listed below but are treated with additional medical care. Only in extremely rare cases are complications permanent.

  • Dry eyes. We recommend using artificial tears to keep your eyes moisturized for the first few weeks after your surgery.
  • Visual fluctuations. During the healing process immediately following your surgery, your vision may be unstable. Don’t worry though, as this is part of the healing process. Eventually, your eyesight will stabilize, and your vision will be permanently corrected!
  • Glare or halos. At night or in low-light environments, it is common to have these visual disturbances. These problems are temporary and disappear entirely within the first few months or weeks after surgery.
  • Flap complications. During your surgery, a flap is created on the surface of your cornea which is replaced after the surgery. If this flap is not appropriately set, distorted vision can occur. Flap complications happen in less than 0.5% of operations and are usually corrected immediately.
  • Undercorrection or overcorrection. Sometimes either too little or too much corneal tissue is altered during your procedure, producing sub-optimal results. This happens when your eyes react unpredictably during the procedure but can be corrected with another laser surgery.

Success Rates

A worldwide study published in 2009 found that 95% of laser eye surgery patients between 1995 and 2003 were satisfied with their results. For this reason, it is considered one of the most successful elective procedures ever. Most people see immediate improvements following their procedure with little no complications afterward. Compared to other operations, laser eye surgery is safe and effective, improving your quality of life.

If you are considering laser eye surgery, start with our free consultation. We will see if you are a candidate for one of our custom treatments and recommend your best options. Give us a call at 604.430.9560 or contact our laser eye clinic we will get back to you as soon as we can.