Living With Cataracts

Being told you have cataracts can be a devastating diagnosis but there is no reason you should have to let it affect your day-to-day life, plus, cataract surgery is more common than you’d think.

Do I Need Cataract Surgery?

The majority of people will experience cataracts to some extent at some point in their life. Almost half of people over 75 years of age do. Many people continue on with their regular schedules in spite of cataracts. Dr Boyd has put together tips on keeping cataracts from progressing. When extensive cataracts develop it can affect a person’s ability to read, drive and undertake normal activities. This is when cataract surgery should be strongly considered.

Under the BC provincial health plan, cataract surgery is covered at Burnaby Hospital or you can choose to have the surgery at our private surgical centre in Burnaby. If you are considering having the surgery at our surgery centre near Vancouver, call us to schedule in a free consultation.

What Happens After The Cataract Surgery?

You will generally recover from cataract surgery within a week however regardless of whether you wore glasses before your cataract surgery, you may need them after. Cataract surgery involves fitting an artificial lens implant which may not address existing vision requirements. If you are keen to avoid wearing glasses, our premium lens implants may be for you. These can help people who have astigmatism, presbyopia or wear bifocal glasses.

If you’d like to discuss how cataract surgery, or premium lens implants can help you, contact us to book your free consultation.

Did you know, we also accept out-of-town patients at our Burnaby laser eye surgery centre. No matter whether you are in BC, Alberta or even Washington, BoydVision can provide a vision correction procedure for you.