Little-Known Benefits Of Lasik

Two girls riding bikes.

Everybody knows that Lasik is a safe and effective way to obtain 20/20 vision. No more glasses or contacts, potentially for the rest of your life! But at BoydVision, we often find that people appreciate the smaller unexpected benefits of Lasik surgery even more than just amazing vision. Here are some little-known benefits of laser eye surgery.

Enjoyable Mornings

Think about that first morning after surgery. You wake up, let out a yawn, and just get your day started. No more reaching and searching for your glasses. No more spending the first 5 minutes of your day putting contact lenses into your eyes. It will feel weird at first to break a habit formed over years of prescriptions, but it’s a wonderful feeling you’ll wake up to every day.

Freedom Around The Home

Go ahead, read the paper, take a shower, boil some water, have a nap, read a book sideways in bed. Getting rid of your prescription will give you freedom as you negotiate previously cumbersome activities at home. You’ll also never lose your glasses or contacts again because you won’t need them.

Eliminate Contact Overwear

Contact lenses are a great medical device that helps many people see clearly. But you need to take special care to avoid some serious eye issues. In the case of most lenses, you can’t wear them for too long (overnight) or you risk infection, a corneal ulcer or eye pain. Improper cleaning of your lenses can also lead to an eye infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis. After Lasik, you can stop worrying about all of this.

Recreational Freedom

Most water sports are hard to enjoy with glasses. You’ll finally be able to swim and see where you’re going! Enhance the enjoyment of other recreational activities like skiing, seeing 3D movies, or just hiking in the rain with laser eye surgery.

Better Peripheral Vision

A simple, yet often overlooked benefit is improved peripheral vision. The size and shape of your glasses ultimately dictate your field of vision. Lasik not only helps you see straight ahead but improves your vision all around.

Surprise yourself with the unexpected benefits of laser eye surgery. Give BoydVision a call and we will get your free consultation for Lasik scheduled. Get ready to say “Goodbye glasses!” once and for all.