What You Need To Know About Cataracts

Did you know? Currently, there are more than 2.5 million Canadians living with cataracts. It’s so common that more than 90% of people aged 65 or older have it. That’s pretty astounding. For something so common, it’s hard to believe that most people don’t know anything about cataracts or cataract surgery. That’s why we put together this handy guide of everything you need to know about this common condition.

What is a cataract?

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. It typically develops slowly and can be manageable with glasses during the early stages of development. However as the cataract grows, vision becomes blurry and impaired making it difficult to read, drive, or perform daily tasks. At this point, it’s a good idea to see an ophthalmologist to discuss cataract surgery. 

How common are cataracts?

As we mentioned earlier, cataracts are very common. It’s the leading cause of blindness in the world and it affects more than 20 million people. In Canada, most people at some time in their life will develop a cataract. Luckily cataract surgery can help restore vision to those with the condition. 

Is it possible to prevent cataracts?

Once a cataract has developed, it’s impossible to reverse the condition. However, you can slow its spread by living a healthy lifestyle full of nutrient-rich foods and exercise. Some other ways to slow the spread of cataracts are:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to UV lights
  • Don’t use steroid eye drops
  • If you take medications, check their side effects

How are cataracts cured?

The only way to cure cataracts is with cataract surgery. Since cataracts are so common, the procedure is one of the most performed operations on the planet. 

Cataract surgery restores your vision using an artificial lens implant. A small incision is made on the front of your eye and uses a small device that emits ultrasonic waves. This breaks up your lens and pulls out the fragments. Then an artificial lens is implanted, restoring your vision. 

The surgery can be done either privately at BoydVision’s laser eye surgery clinic or publicly under the provincial health plan at a hospital. However, only basic lens implants are covered by the BC government. This may work for you, so it’s important to discuss all your options with your doctor. 

For patients who are looking for more advanced treatment and technologies, BoydVision offers premium lens implants. These lenses will not only correct cataracts but also existing issues such as astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. If necessary, follow-up laser eye surgery can be done to assure the best visual outcome.

Booking your cataract surgery

To book your cataract surgery with BoydVision, you can fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 604-430-9560. An added benefit of booking with BoydVision is being able to skip the long waitlist (common for the public procedures). Instead of waiting for months, you can have your cataract surgery within a few short weeks in our private surgical centre. So, stop waiting, and start seeing!