No Hidden Fees For Lasik Eye Surgery


At BoydVision, we take pride in offering quality PRK or lasik eye surgery pricing without any hidden costs or sneaky clauses. What you see (are told) is what you’ll pay.

As a laser eye clinic that operates on the values of honesty and integrity, you can count on us to act with your best interests in mind.

You can expect the cost of lasik eye surgery to be surprisingly affordable and much less than our competitors.

At BoydVision, the procedure also includes the following:

• Customized treatment
• Retreatment up to 5 years
• Post op medication kit included

Some laser eye clinics offer low starting prices – but in reality, the final cost they charge their patients tends to be significantly more. There are a lot of additional and hidden fees.

Our quotes include the cost of Wavefront based, custom lasik surgery. This is often an add-on for other laser eye clinics, but we consider this a standard of all our surgeries. Custom lasik is used to gain more information from preoperative testing.

When you come for a free consult or give us a call, you can expect to see all of these costs included in our price. – no hidden fees, no surprises, just honest prices, friendly staff and a knowledgable, experienced surgeon. The only laser centre that you actually get to meet the surgeon at the consult and discuss your vision correction options.

Consider lasik eye surgery for perfect vision throughout the day and awesome night vision. Contact our laser eye clinic for a free consultation today!