Laser Eye Surgery Reviews from Our Patients

At BoydVision, we’re passionate about helping people see clearly. Our thorough testing process ensures that we understand all of our patients’ unique needs in order to make the best possible recommendation to improve their vision. With every consultation, you also get an opportunity to meet with our surgeon, Dr. Boyd, and ask any questions you may have. If you’re looking for a Vancouver laser eye surgery clinic, book a free consultation with BoydVision. 

We’ve recently had an influx of wonderful people posting positive reviews, and we just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to write about our laser eye surgery clinic. We hope you’re living life to the fullest, glasses and contacts free!

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about BoydVision. 

Just wanted to say that after my second eye operation my eyesight is OMG great! My vision clarity is FANTASTIC! I didn’t realize how much my vision had deteriorated until Dr. Boyd replaced my human lens with man-made bifocal lenses. A big thank you to the doctor and all those involved. Again, a huge thank you. I couldn’t be happier. Robert W.

I went here for my PRK procedure last month. After having shopped around for various quotes, I found the price ($2000, inclusive of all medications, drops, and follow-ups) to be the best around. The staff here were very welcoming and supportive. The office was always quite full and busy, but I didn’t run into any issues setting up my appointment or follow-ups.

The procedure itself was very quick, lasting only around 30 seconds for each eye. It was painless at the time, and while the recovery was quite uncomfortable I didn’t have any issues as a result of the work of Dr. Boyd. He explained to me beforehand all the risks and helped me understand what could happen if things were to go wrong. He made me feel like he wasn’t just in this to take my money. Overall, I recommend this clinic for anyone looking for corrective surgery. Matthew K.

I came down for my consultation and surgery yesterday. The entire team was amazing! I was nervous, but every single one of them was helpful. My follow-up was quick, and they helped me figure out a post-op follow-up that I wasn’t aware I needed so quickly. They went above and beyond! Thanks, team!!! Lisa F.

Super helpful and informative people. They care about doing the job right and will refuse to do a job if they think it’s not the right thing for you. They hold high standards, which is a very good thing when you’re dealing with your eyes. This place is not a production-line eye surgery facility; they treat everyone individually. Highly recommended. Frank V. H.

I had PRK laser eye surgery done on both my eyes and the procedure was successful. I highly recommend this clinic if anyone is considering PRK laser eye surgery. Oh, and Dr. Boyd is a hockey fanatic too, which can bring up a good conversation. Alex S.

I am very pleased with my Lasik eye surgery performed by Dr. Boyd and assisted by his staff. From the careful testing to determine whether I would benefit from the surgery, to the re-evaluation just prior to surgery, to the surgery itself and the careful follow-up afterward, Dr. Boyd and his staff have provided excellent care. Ian M.

I was sent to Dr. Boyd by my doctor for a complete eye exam to see whether my incipient diabetes was affecting my vision. He was extremely professional, as was his staff, and he found a spot in my right eye that I was unaware of previously.

I’d go to him for any eye-related business. I haven’t had Lasik, but I’ll bet he’s one of the top laser surgeons around. Steve F. 

I went to Dr. Boyd for a consultation.  He was very thorough. He made sure I understood that there might be complications, etc. He advised me about the good and bad of PRK surgery. I felt totally confident with him after I left his office. I had a consultation at London Eye as well. I ended up going with Dr. Boyd because you get to talk to him during the consultation versus just speaking to a tech at London Eye.    

I went through with the PRK. My eyes were a bit irritated afterward. Taking the T3 really helped. I am still recovering at the moment but I totally recommend Dr. Boyd. He is an amazing doctor. Anonymous

I have been going to BoydVision for many years for yearly eye check-ups. A couple of years ago, I thought I would take a closer look at laser eye surgery because I was always looking for my glasses before driving the car or watching television (I was nearsighted, and reading was fine). Dr. Boyd thought an option for me would to fix one eye for distance vision and leave the other eye alone for reading. He said it might take a while for my brain to adjust. I agreed and the cost was only $1,100. 

I checked out a couple of other places, and they recommended the same thing, but at a much higher cost. Dr. Boyd seemed very reasonable and I am very happy with the results. The surgery was done almost a year ago andtakes only about 1-2 minutes. The doctor also limits the amount of laser eye surgeries he does in a week and schedules only for certain days. Frank S.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write us a review. We really appreciate it!

At BoydVision, we’ve been helping people see clearly since 1995 and have helped thousands of people improve their vision. To get started on your journey to clear vision, book a free consultation with us. Our Vancouver laser eye surgery clinic is waiting for your call.