Goodbye To Reading Glasses

“Just a note to say thanks. As for me, the initial testing was actually quite enjoyable and not very time consuming. We settled on the Blended Lasik procedure and the results have been excellent.”  – Brent Harlton

Brent Harlton chose BoydVision’s blended vision procedure and has been thrilled with the decision. After years of relying on glasses and/or contacts, he has found a new freedom to enjoy his life without the hassle of glasses.

“I had glasses since I was 11 because I was nearsighted. It’s (blended vision) fantastic. It’s great not to be constantly taking glasses off and on, and always keeping them clean. Although, sometimes I do still forget at the end of the day, and try to take off my glasses before bed!”

The Answer to Aging Eyes

Even if you didn’t need glasses as a child or young adult, aging eyes usually means you’ll need reading glasses by the time you reach middle age, as the lens of your eye hardens and can no longer focus on very near objects. If you’re like Brent and were already wearing glasses for nearsightedness, you may have to get progressive lenses (bifocals) to give you clear vision for both distance and close-up.

Bifocal Convenience Without the Hassles

Either way, isn’t it nice to know there’s a scientific name for the slow decline of our eyes’ focusing power? This condition is known as presbyopia and until recently, glasses were the only answer to the problem. Now however, BoydVision’s laser blended vision correction makes it possible to offer the advantage of bifocal flexibility, without having to wear glasses.

BoydVision surgical team pre-screening
BoydVision’s surgical team does a comprehensive pre-screening, to ensure laser blended vision correction is suitable for you.

Harlton is also getting more enjoyment out of his recreational activities, from crossword puzzles to golf.

“I can do crosswords in bed at night, without needing glasses, and when I’m golfing it’s great to have the close-up vision to see the ball and the distance vision (to look down the fairway). I feel like I can see forever and now I have way more choices when it comes time to buy sunglasses too.”

Laser blended vision works by treating one eye, adjusting its focal point so it is optimized for reading, while the other eye remains as-is (unless further treatment is recommended). The process begins with a thorough eye examination, so that Dr Boyd can determine if you are a good candidate for blended vision. The tests also determine your dominant and non-dominant eye. Your dominant eye is assigned the distance vision duties, while the non-dominant eye undergoes the LASIK treatment so it can focus on close-up objects.

Easy to Adjust to Blended Vision

A blend zone is also used, to create an overlap in the field of vision. Roughly 97% of the population can tolerate the ‘blend zone’ we use to create an overlap in the field of vision and feel comfortable with a slight difference in the vision between the two eyes. According to Brent, it was only a matter of 3 or 4 days before he had completely adjusted to his new blended vision.

Freedom From Glasses

When was the last time you could do a crossword, read a newspaper or mobile phone screen, or work on your computer – without reaching for your reading glasses? Tired of going out to eat and ordering the special rather than trying to read tiny type in a dark restaurant? Brent’s results are pretty typical of patients who choose BoydVision’s laser blended vision correction. It could well be the right solution for you too.

If you’re ready to get rid of your reading glasses, give us a call or use the online form to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

Watch a video about laser blended vision for more information on the procedure.