Are The Vision Correcting Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery Permanent?

When making the decision to undergo laser eye surgery, it’s not unjust to question how long the vision correcting effects will last. You may be pleased to hear that for over 85% of clients, a single laser treatment is sufficient for vision improvement.


To increase the effects of the procedure, all of our LASIK and PRK surgeries are customized to each individual client. Most laser eye surgery centres charge a premium for this but at BoydVision we believe this should be the standard way to perform LASIK and PRK. Every person has different vision so to customize each treatment to the patient, can result in greater vision improvement.


The speed at which people recover can vary and that is why we follow the patient for one year after the procedure. Either Dr. Boyd or your optometrist will send us progress reports so we make sure you get the required visual outcome. At BoydVision, retreatments are covered for five years following your surgery if your vision changes. After five years we will charge a small fee for retreatment.


Just as nobody can guarantee a new glasses prescription will last a lifetime, we cannot guarantee your vision won’t change in the future. Laser eye surgery corrects vision at that time but it does not prevent future change or decline. Most people will experience a change in vision as they age but it may not necessarily affect your day-to-day life. If it does, there are many options that you can speak to us about.

To get a personalized recommendation on the vision correction options for you, contact us or stop by our Burnaby laser eye surgery centre to schedule a free consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Boyd.