What did clients think of their experience with BoydVision in 2022?

We understand that choosing your Ophthalmologist is so important to help you feel comfortable while giving you better vision for a better quality of life. We are grateful to have such lovely clients that put their trust and confidence in us and allow us to help them better their vision. As the year comes to an end, we wanted to share some of the noteworthy reviews our wonderful clients left. We appreciate all your comments and continue to strive to make all of our client’s experiences with us as comfortable and positive as possible.

Client reviews

Thank you, Dr. Boyd. I am extremely glad that I had this procedure. You and your staff showed the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend BoydVision to anyone considering corrective eye surgery.

– Alan U

Had a cataract surgery performed by Dr. Boyd, all went smoothly and extremely happy with the results.  As a pilot, I had to have the absolute best surgeon, and he is just that. Thank you!

– Jay B

Had LASIK here. Great experience. Efficient. Very pleased. Super quick recovery.

– Becky W

14 months after surgery update. My vision is perfect, even with my previous astigmatism. No flares or halos and I am just putting in eye drops because I feel I should, not because my eyes are dry. There is a slightly increased sensitivity to bright light, but that is mostly because my job involves a lot of driving at night. Definitely recommend!

– Kent S

My husband got surgery a week ago with Dr. Boyd, and he got his life back! So far, so good, no pain, and everything looks perfect. We are very thankful Dr. Boyd treated him for urgent surgery because both of his eyes were very bad. He will be going for right eye cataract removal in August.  He is one of the best eye surgeons. Thank you so much!

– Anni

I have needed glasses my whole life, had astigmatism and was quite near-sighted; Dr. Boyd removed my cataracts and inserted Vivity Toric lenses, and now I enjoy excellent vision for the first time in my life, I can see far, middle distances and read without glasses. Dr. Boyd far exceeded my expectations, my experience has been transformative, I am very grateful to Dr. Boyd.

– Chris S

Found Boydvision on the internet while searching for eye surgery and have had both eyes done. This is the most professional team I have ever dealt with in the realm of health care in BC! Dr. Boyd and his entire staff are the ultimate in eye care. Thank you for everything!!

– Bitof A

We appreciate all our clients for leaving us reviews. We do our best to help you feel as comfortable as possible while in our care.

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