Show Some Love With Vision Correction For The Whole Family

At BoydVision, we provide vision correction to help others live their life to the fullest.

It’s the time you spend with loved ones that matter the most in life. Not the gifts, or the food, but the experiences. Wouldn’t you agree?

With Family Day and Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s important to spend more time with your loved ones. Whether you’re planning to go to the movies, have a nice dinner or simply go out for a walk, we hope you’ll appreciate and enjoy your time together.

Our patients would agree that experiences are a treasured part of their lives – after all, they’ve invested into vision correction so that they could enjoy their time with loved ones.

How Does Laser Eye Surgery Enhance Your Life?

Did you know that laser eye surgery can make for a truly thoughtful gift? Think about it.

The ability to forego glasses and contacts means that you can go out and explore; you can go swimming, cycling, rock climbing, or even watch a movie in 3D without worrying about dry contacts or loose glasses.

Forget the glasses cleaner fabric and contact case – just focus on enjoying the experience.

Spread The Love With Vision Correction

If you’ve already received laser eye surgery, you don’t need a reminder of why you left glasses or contacts behind. You may smile and chuckle about the time you fumbled with your glasses, but you definitely don’t miss them.

What warms our heart is seeing our patients come back – with their children, for a second generation of laser eye surgery patients.

Parents who have gone through laser eye surgery often want the same for the children. Since vision correction is available for almost every age, we often see parents come back to book appointments for their child.

One of our patients recently booked five appointments – one for each of her children – after she experienced firsthand how life-changing laser eye surgery can be.

At BoydVision, we offer custom LASIK and PRK, along with a wide range of vision correction procedures. When we meet with our patients, we offer them a free pre-operative consultation to weigh the benefits of each of the options available, so they can make an educated decision.
It’s time to live life to the fullest. Book an appointment for yourself or your family, to get rid of foggy glasses or dry contact lenses once and for all. Contact BoydVision and we’ll be happy to help!