Laser Eye Surgery With BoydVision: What to Expect?

Thinking about getting laser eye surgery with BoydVision? It’s perfectly natural to be curious as to what to expect!

BoydVision has been proudly providing laser eye surgery in Vancouver and Burnaby for decades. If you are considering laser or LASIK surgery, don’t hesitate to book a laser eye surgery consultation with our ophthalmologist, Dr. Boyd.   

In addition to our honest and upfront eye surgery prices, we believe in transparency in regard to your experience as a patient. In our latest blog post, we walk you through what to expect when getting laser or LASIK surgery at BoydVision—from booking a consultation to post-care. 

Booking a Consultation:

The first step is simply reaching out! Setting up a consultation with Dr. Boyd is one of the best ways to learn more about the various vision correction procedures we offer and find the procedure that is right for you. A consultation usually lasts around an hour and includes testing to find out which options will be available for your procedure. Dr. Boyd will then go through all of your options and answer any of your questions you may have. Once you have decided on a procedure, we will then book you in for your surgery day.

Arriving for Surgery Day

The big day arrives! Patients can expect to be in the office for 1½ to 2 hours on their surgery day—most of which is from paperwork and preparation. Upon arriving in the office at your appointment time, we provide you with a consent form to fill out. Once completed, Dr. Boyd will personally perform one more eye exam before you will be prepped for your operation. 

You would be surprised by how quick laser or LASIK eye surgery actually is! On average, our clients only spend around 20 minutes in the operating room. For LASIK operations, patients will spend an additional 20 minutes in a recovery room recliner after the operation is completed. Dr. Boyd will then perform a post-op examination and you will be free to go home. A follow-up appointment will then be booked depending on the procedure you received (ranging from a day to a week later depending on the procedure).

Post-Op Recovery

After your operation has been completed, our team will walk you through the recovery process. Different procedures have different recovery steps that need to be followed to ensure a smooth recovery.

For PRK surgery, the patient will be required to rest for a few days following the operation. Vision issues should start to settle down over the next few weeks. For this type of surgery, our team books a follow-up appointment 6 days after the operation to remove the contact bandage and provide numbing drops to help with any temporary discomfort you may be experiencing. Over the next few months, it is important to use moisturizing eye drops if you feel your eyes getting dry. Patients will not be able to drive for the first week after an operation and are recommended to take a week off of work to recover.

For LASIK surgery or Femto LASIK eye surgery, the recovery process is a bit more straightforward. There is little discomfort following the procedure and vision often stabilizes within a day. Follow-up appointments are booked for the day after the operation to examine the flap that was created during surgery. Much like with the PRK recovery process, using moisturizing eye drops to prevent your eyes from getting dry will be important in the following months. Patients will be required to temporarily wear sunglasses following the operation and will be provided a protective eye “shield” to wear at night for at least the first week of recovery.

Freedom from Glasses

The final step is the best one—freedom from glasses! At BoydVision, we never tire from hearing how laser or LASIK surgery has changed their lives for the better. You can read plenty of our clients’ stories on our laser and LASIK eye surgery testimonial page!

Are you trying to decide if laser surgery is right for you? We are always available for your questions and to walk you through your options. Contact our laser eye center today and our friendly staff would be happy to help!