IS LASIK in Your Contract?

woman has eye exam
Many union contracts and medical plans help pay for LASIK and PRK surgeries.

If you’re a union member the medical coverage in your contract could help pay for your LASIK procedure. Here are some vision care coverage details from various local union contracts we found online. You could save hundreds of dollars if you know what you can claim. Don’t see your union? Check back. We’ll keep updating the list.

City of Vancouver CUPE Local 15 City
City of Vancouver CUPE Local 15 Parks
(both) – $450.00 per person per twenty-four (24) month period, including coverage for laser eye surgery)

Burnaby CUPE Local 23 Effective 2009 January 01, $400 per person in a twenty-four (24) month period, laser eye surgery with a lifetime maximum payable of $500 per eye. Coverage for eye exams to a maximum payable of $75 (effective 2007 September 01, $100) per person every two (2) years.

Metro Vancouver Revised September 1, 2011 Fees for Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, when prescribed by a physician to a maximum combined benefit of $250 per person in any 24 consecutive month period. Eye examinations by a licensed optometrist to a maximum benefit of $50 in any 24 consecutive months. Subject to Exclusion and Limitations. 

CUPE Local 1267 Mission
Effective May 1, 2009, all regular employees participating in the employee benefits under Article 20, will be eligible for reimbursement to a maximum of $500 in a two (2) calendar year period for the purchase of corrective lenses and frames or contact lenses or laser surgery in accordance with the Extended Health Vision Care Plan.

Collective agreements are subject to change. Check with your steward or union executive for the most up-to-date official information. Want more details on BoydVision’s pricing and no interest financing? Please contact us.