Custom vs Standard Treatment

Custom laser vision correction surgery gives a better visual result than standard laser vision correction. It is guided by a detailed analysis of the problems in your vision based on the way light travels through your eye, giving a more personalized laser correction treatment. This will specifically minimize visual aberrations including glare, halos and night vision issues.

With standard or conventional laser vision correction, the ablation pattern by the laser on the cornea is based upon the patient’s eyeglass prescription. It is effective for most patients, but can result in visual aberrations, such as glare, halos, and night vision issues.

Custom Laser Eye Correction has less side effects, and better visual quality. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate.

Custom laser vision correction surgery however, (also known as wavefront-optimized LVC) is a more sophisticated laser treatment. It uses not only the patient’s refractive error (eyeglass prescription) but also information derived from the surface mapping of the cornea (topography) and wavefront pattern (measuring more subtle cornea distortions or HOA – higher order aberrations) as data for the laser treatment.

Standard Laser Vision Treatment
lighting going through a cornea will still have residual higher order aberrations (imperfections) that create a less clear image with poor contrast.
Custom Laser Vision Treatment
light going through this cornea will have less
aberrations and create a clearer image
with better contrast sensitivity.