4 Reasons LASIK Is a Great Option to Consider

Imagine a day where you wake up in the morning feeling ready for the day without having to worry about putting glasses on or plan a day at the pool without having to worry about losing your contacts while swimming. It almost sounds like a dream, but at BoydVision, we’ve been making that a reality for so many people! Here are four reasons why LASIK could be an excellent option for you.

1. LASIK is fast and safe

LASIK eye surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure which takes about 20 minutes, which is considerably quick for something this life-changing. The patient is also awake and can fully experience the entire procedure, which can be quite interesting for many that are curious. 

2. The results are almost immediate

Patients usually start noticing their vision getting clearer within a few hours. There is very little downtime necessary for patients that go through LASIK. Within about 48 hours, most individuals can go back to resume their normal activities. It takes about two months for the eyes to completely heal before patients begin playing sports and exercising, but this should not be disruptive to your everyday life. Your eye doctor will give let you know when it is safe to resume these types of activities. Patients may experience some discomfort in the form of dry eyes for about three months; however, the discomfort can be eased and managed by using artificial tears. 

3. You no longer need glasses or contacts

Once the procedure has been completed, you most likely will no longer need your prescription glasses or contacts. The easy life of waking up to see clearly will no longer be a dream but rather a reality. Glasses have been the traditional choice for vision correction, and Canadians change their prescription glasses approximately every 2.7 years. With LASIK surgery, individuals no longer need to invest in glasses or lenses. 

4. You will have improved vision

For most people, after undergoing the procedure, will have 20/20 vision. The surgery will drastically improve your vision, however, if you have a higher prescription, the results may vary. Your eye doctor will discuss this with you at your laser eye consultation appointment. Make sure to bring up all your questions so that you leave feeling confident and reassured. 

How we can help

Are you tired of putting on glasses every morning? At BoydVision, we can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have regarding LASIK eye surgery. Book a consultation with us, we’d love to help!